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How to Pack Your Child’s Luggage for a Winter Holiday

Singapore’s weather has been scorching hot, and an escape to some winter wonderland sounds like a dream come true! If you’re planning to bring the mini-me’s along, do ensure preparations are done to… Continue reading

#EyeSpyLondon: Food Glorious Food (Part 1)

Wow! It’s been more than a month since we returned from London, and boy oh boy, time zooms past! Yours truly has been busy fighting datelines, and yes, it’s time to catch up on ALL… Continue reading

#EyeSpyLondon: The First of Many… Firsts!

Hello all! Yes, we finally had a good whiff of the English air, and are back. It was a much-awaited trip and we were soooo looking forward to visit baby V’s Godma! Unlike our previous holidays,… Continue reading