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Mini Rosti for the Little One

Rosti make great finger food and can boast wholesome goodness in that skinny pack. This versatile and simple recipe gives traditional mealtimes a run for their money. Skip the usual porridge and rice,… Continue reading

Christmas Roasting – Beer Spa Chicky Chicks!

Christmas is the perfect time for feasting! This yuletide was a little different (personal matters aside) as we finally put our oven to good use after a hiatus! Besides some simple meals for baby… Continue reading

13 Party Planning Tips – For the Big One!

CONGRATULATIONS! Turning one signifies a new milestone and an achievement unlocked! For mothers, celebrate your 1st year in this career of a lifetime. For fathers, this would probably set you thinking if you’re ready to expand the… Continue reading

Easy Baked Pasta

We woke up to rainy and sleepy weather last weekend, and we (okay, to be honest, it was just me! Baby V was still in sleepy mode) got excited when daddy suggested McDonald’s for breakfast! After gumming… Continue reading

Penang Travelogue – Day 4

The last day of our 4D3N trip sees us gobbling down more Penang local treats! But alas, the wet weather was a dampener because we were so close to having that popular chendol… Continue reading

Spinning Hotcakes Recipe for the Family

Do you remember the McDonald’s advert years ago with the hotcakes spinning on the windowsill? Haha and the catchy jingle that goes along? That image and music are stuck in my head all these… Continue reading

Penang Travelogue – Day 2

If you have caught us on Day 1 of our Penang Travelogue, you’d know that we spent most of the time munching away. Penang is a popular place for their local hawker fare… Continue reading

Fancy A Savoury Muffin Recipe?

With limited food in the kitchen, we sometimes raid my mother’s fridge on Fridays so that we have ingredients for the weekend to whip up meals for baby V. Other times, we go… Continue reading

Penang Travelogue – Day 1

After our first trip with baby V (we went to Taiwan, read about it here and here), we thought “Hey, that wasn’t too bad”, so we decided to zip off for a short… Continue reading

1 Set of Ingredients = 2 Different Baby Food Recipes?

Last weekend, we did non-BLW meals with baby V, and attempted to teach her to spoon-feed herself. Let’s just say, after a few spoons, she knows it’s easier to be fed than to self-feed.… Continue reading