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Diapering Essentials for Baby V!

Hello! I’m Baby Vera :) Today I’m 16 weeks old! It also marks my very first article in my own voice mummy’s imagination :) I’ll be sharing my adventures and how I bask in… Continue reading

Milk for Mummies

Pregnant women and breastfeeding/lactating mums are naturally more cautious about their diet. Ensuring nutrients are derived from your meals and avoiding certain ones such as raw food helps to keep your baby and… Continue reading

17 Signs You’re a (New) Parent

Now that we have been newly promoted to “parents”, we’ve also made some amazing discoveries as we go along. And because of that, I’m actually egged on to put up this post to share.… Continue reading

Keeping Baby’s Bum “maleun”!

Sponsored Advertorial With our new family member, life has certainly changed. A typical day goes like clockwork: time for feeds, bath, naps, tucking into bed at night and in between everything else, diaper greetings… Continue reading

Welcome to the Family, Baby!

Readers who have been following us on Facebook are in the know of the latest news :) Yup, we are happy to share that our little bundle of joy has arrived in a timely… Continue reading

A Cuppa to Beat the Mama-to-be Blues + Giveaway!

Sponsored Advertorial Pregnancy is an eye-opening journey. One moment, you might be laughing heartily at someone’s jokes; the next moment might bring tears to your eyes. Couple that with queasiness, heartburn, anxiety (just… Continue reading

Pack Up and GO!

Nope, I’m not crazy to take a trip on a whim right now. But I’d be crazy if we are not on standby mode for our little one’s arrival. After weeks and months have… Continue reading

No Monster Skin for Halloween, Please?

Halloween may just be less than 2 weeks away but mums-to-be definitely won’t welcome unsightly (real, physical) skin issues for this costume party. More often than not, most of us fret over possible… Continue reading

Pregnancy Outfits: Fitting vs. Baggy?

As our body changes throughout the stages of pregnancy, our dressing starts to evolve to accomodate the growing belly as well as some not-so-flattering parts of our bodies. There are 2 main school… Continue reading

The Challenge to Increase Iron Levels During Pregnancy!

Pregnancy puts women through different tests (we don’t just mean physical ones!) and somewhere around the third month, a blood test is done to test for sugar levels, iron levels etc, just to… Continue reading