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Quick and Easy French Toast Fingers Recipe

Baby V had her first taste of solids when she was 6 months 3 days young but mummy hadn’t been very hardworking in building up the food library. To be honest, like most… Continue reading

How to Prepare When Flying with a Baby

At 8months-ish, baby V has taken her first plane ride and set her tiny bum in Taiwan! We are back home (in one piece, without pulling out our hair, fortunately, hahaha), and many… Continue reading

Getting Crafty with Scotch Expressions Tapes + Giveaway!

Sponsored Review Art and craft was a subject back in school that often fascinated me. Some of my peers are talented artists (in my eyes) and can sketch out/colour biscuits, fruits and everything else… Continue reading

Baby V Explores Self-feeding with Kidsme Food Feeder!

Media Invite The 6-month milestone is one which most parents look forward to as that’s when solids can be introduced so parents can get their creative juices (or headaches?) going when menu-planning! LOL. A… Continue reading

Pianissimo Baby: Cuddly Hugs of Happiness

SPONSORED ARTICLE Weather in Singapore is hot and humid, which does no good to baby V’s skin. With her eczema condition, we have to keep her cool and her skin well-moisturized throughout the day.… Continue reading

Bepanthen – Happy Bum + Happy Mum! *GIVEAWAY alert*

SPONSORED ARTICLE Baby V’s skin has been acting up of late and I’ve just gone thru a bout of sore throat + runny nose combo. If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram (@deedeedee13),… Continue reading

In the Spotlight: The Heart of Noël Caleb

A piece of clothing is more than just fabric, stitches and marketing – at least in the eyes of Eileen Yap, founder of homegrown fashion label, Noël Caleb. We are stoked to have the honour of… Continue reading

Essentials for Heading Out with a Baby

If you’re a parent, you’d know that getting out of the house is no longer a breeze like before (to think preening in front of the mirror or deciding which outfit used to be nerve-wrecking!)… Continue reading

Diapering Essentials for Baby V!

Hello! I’m Baby Vera :) Today I’m 16 weeks old! It also marks my very first article in my own voice mummy’s imagination :) I’ll be sharing my adventures and how I bask in… Continue reading

Keeping Baby’s Bum “maleun”!

Sponsored Advertorial With our new family member, life has certainly changed. A typical day goes like clockwork: time for feeds, bath, naps, tucking into bed at night and in between everything else, diaper greetings… Continue reading