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Free Diapers and Milk? Yes, It’s True!

Surviving the first trimester seems challenging, especially if pregnant mamas are experiencing terrible morning sickness, loss of appetite, lethargy and even weight loss.

Your gynaes may actually prescribe supplements to complement your diet and ensure that mama-to-be receives ample nutrients during this early stage of pregnancy. Here are some tips on how to survive that 1st trimester of your pregnancy journey!

Besides pills, pregnant mums can now choose maternal milk that are loaded with essential nutrients to cater to your new nutritional needs while fueling your fetuses. Previously, we did an extensive review on the different brands of maternal milk available in Singapore – this might come in handy for you, if you’re planning to get a can. But before that, how about some free milk samples to try, just in case the full can goes to waste?

And who wouldn’t love FREEBIES?

We know the core expenditure of things would be spent on diapers and formula (should mums choose not to breastfeed, or need to supplement baby’s feeds), and hence, we’ve put together a comprehensive list on where to get FREE diapers for your newborn (tape diapers) and tots (tape diapers).

FREE maternal milk are available too, along with FREE formula milk (also known as follow-on milk) for your little ones. However, do note that Stage 1 formula milk samples will NOT be available as the World Health Organization (WHO) supports and encourages breastfeeding for the first six months. Hence, companies and brands are not allowed to promote the use of Stage 1 formula milk.

Have fun signing up for these freebies and do expect to wait anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks for the items to be sent to you. Patience, mamas… patience…

Free baby diapers and milk samples in Singapore

Free diapers for newborns and children:

Huggies Singapore

Kao Merries Singapore

Drypers Singapore:

Bosomi Singapore:

Free Maternal Milk for Pregnant/Breastfeeding Mums/Follow-on Formula Milk for Children:

*Do note that these brands have their own Baby/Mummy Clubs too, so you will be on their mailing list for updates on subsequent formula milk samples/baby weaning sets (e.g. Nestle) for your baby when your child is about to turn 6 months.

*NEW!* Einmilk:

Aptamil Advantage

Anmum Materna/Lacta

Enfamama A+/Enfagrow A+:

Abbott Similac Mum/Abbott Similac Formula Milk:

Dumex Mamil Mama/Mamil Gold Formula Milk:

Friso Mum Gold/Friso Gold Formula Milk

Wyeth S26 Mama/S26 Formula Milk:

Nestlé MOM&ME SG/Baby Weaning Pack:

Karihome Formula Milk:

Hope these freebies come in handy for you! Which are your baby’s favourite diapers? How about mama’s favourite maternal milk? 

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  1. Hi just want to check as i had receive a sample of huggies diaper for my son. Woulf it be given as a carton free as well soon. Pls explain more


    1. Hi Natasha, hmm I didn’t quite get you.. do you mean if the samples come in cartons? If so, the samples are usually a couple of pieces (qty varies across brands) just for trial. Hope that helps!


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