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Baby V’s First Trip – Taiwan Escapade (Part 1)

Months before we welcomed baby V, we were toying with the idea of travelling after the confinement period. But after she arrived, we couldn’t bear to leave her here in Singapore while we were miles away. So eventually, we decided to bring her along and my parents as support team. LOL. Proper planning is definitely required especially when bringing a baby overseas. For a checklist on what and how to pack the luggage, our previous article might help ease those nerves.

We had about 7 days in Taiwan and our route was: Taipei > Taichung > Cing Jing > Taipei, approx. 2 nights at each area. As first time parents plus first time flying with a baby, we did have several considerations (including eventually bringing my parents along. Oops!), so to new parents in the same shoes: It’s not undoable (is there such a word??)!! We came back in one piece happy! :P

Baby V making sure that our luggage get checked in!
Baby V making sure that our luggage get checked in!
We tucked into breakfast at Changi Airport while baby V watches on. Before i could finish my sandwich, she started fussing and wanted to nurse. Mummy needs to fuel up first, darling.
We tucked into breakfast at Changi Airport while baby V watches on. Before i could finish my sandwich, she started fussing and wanted to nurse. Mummy needs to fuel up first, darling. High Chair Cover from
Excited to board the plane!
Excited to board the plane, but first, a family selfie for our 1st trip together :)

Day 1: [Singapore – Taipei – Taichung] Beacon Hotel – Feng Jia Night Market

Almost 4hours later, we arrived at Taipei International Airport, hopped on the shuttle bus headed for the Taipei HSR Main Station (there’s only 1 bus that goes there! Get tickets from the right counter.) where we were due to take our pre-booked train ride to Taichung. Journey to Taichung takes about 30minutes by the High Speed Rail. We booked the Business Class seats as my parents wanted a more comfy ride. It was definitely more spacious, chairs are bigger (2-seater instead of 3-seater at Economy Class) and drinks (choice of juice, hot tea, coffee, water) and a small cake were served.

Our cheeky little girl is obviously very excited though she doesn't get her share of tea, coffee or cake.. oops! Notice the overhead compartment also allows strollers or luggages to be placed. Those roller types will be parked at a luggage area pretty near our seats.
Our cheeky little girl is obviously very excited though she doesn’t get her share of tea, coffee or cake.. oops! Notice the overhead compartment also allows strollers or luggages to be placed. Those roller types will be parked at a luggage area pretty near our seats.

Upon reaching Taichung stop, we headed to the McDonald’s at the station to meet the local driver uncle who was to send us to the hotel. Journey to Beacon Hotel took about 40 minutes but the ride didn’t seem that long as the traffic was pretty smooth in the evening and it was a 7-seater (yay!) so all’s good. Despite the travelling, my energy level shot up instantly upon discovering that Feng Jia Night Market was literally at our doorsteps! REJOICE!! We checked into the room, freshened up baby Vera and scooted out pronto – that explains the lack of pictures of the room.. LOL!

Hotel rooms in Taiwan are usually “just right” or sometimes less spacious. With a king sized bed plonked in the centre, a mini fridge, full height 2-door wardrobe, 42″ LCD TV, toilet amenities with glass-doored partitioned shower area and a study table + chair; we couldn’t ask for more knowing it’s going to be a place to snooze re-energize. Baby cots are available upon request during booking, and the room came equipped when we entered. Only to realize it became a white elephant because baby Vera has been co-sleeping with us at home anyway, what more with a King sized bed now! The attentive folks at the reception asked if we needed a bath tub too, so do note to request from them as well, if you’re planning a trip with your baby. It was a simple Combi bath tub, good enough but just be careful if baby is learning to crawl or likes moving around as it does get slippery in there if you’re used to using a bath mat or other accessories for added friction.

Feng Jia Night Market is hailed as a must-go place when visiting Taichung, and prices are presumably cheaper compared to Taipei city. It covers a pretty big area and there were several food stalls with long queues (especially the 大肠包小肠 stall that was just next to the hotel. Hub immediately proclaimed that he was going for it!), and we noticed quite a few strollers being pushed around. We opted to skip the stroller and simply put Vera into our carrier since it was already night time when we arrived and we weren’t planning to stay out too late. Glad with this decision because it freed up our hands when we scouting around for snacks and munching them as dinner so we didn’t have to fumble with manouvring a stroller. With a carrier, it is also easy for me to nurse her on-the-go whenever she needs to fill up.

Hub loves kong bah bao, so when he saw this, it immediately caught his attention. Choices of fillings such as chicken, pork, beef and sauces such as thai sweet chilli, black pepper, etc.
Vera posing too? Or, maybe she just wants a bite as well…
We had Oyster Omelette that came with kangkong. As i'm still nursing, i don't really take much seafood. Actually, I've been cutting down on seafood since pre-pregnancy days and throughout pregnancy due to cholesterol levels. So all that crunchy kangkong was mine!!
We had Oyster Omelette that came with kangkong. As i’m still nursing, i don’t really take much seafood. Actually, I’ve been cutting down on seafood since pre-pregnancy days and throughout pregnancy due to cholesterol levels. So all that crunchy kangkong was mine!!

The night ended quite early (by our standards of a usual Taiwan trip) as we didn’t wish to overtire Vera and turn her schedule topsy-turvy. Indeed, she snoozed like a log after nursing to sleep – we actually had some proper rest as she slept right through; it’s been a long time! Things were looking rosy :D

Day 2: Local Produce Store – Hong Rui Zhen Sandwich – Miyahara Eye Hospital – Dong Dong Yu Yuan – Xinshe Castle – Mushroom Town – Feng Jia Night Market

We started the day with breakfast at the hotel’s café and baby V had her share of plain porridge from the buffet line. Seeing that we were all eating, she felt left out I suppose. So we put her on the high chair and took turns “entertaining” her while we gobbled ate.

"Mummy, I love this bed! First time sleeping throughout the night in a while.. hehe.. stretching my legs before we head out!"
“Mummy, I love this bed! First time sleeping through the night in a while.. hehe.. stretching my legs before we head out!”
Breakfast spread at Beacon Hotel.




Not too sure why they had to add “edible” in the tag…
It’s Fried Kway Teow here.



Baby V having her brekkie of plain porridge. We brought along these Summerinfant disposable bibs, and they are really handy! $8.90 for 20pcs from Mothercare.

After breakfast, driver uncle came to pick us at the lobby and we discussed the itinerary for the day. First stop was a store to get the “best Tai Yang Bing (Sun Cakes)” as he proclaims. They were very generous with samples and gave each of us a full piece. I tried them but wasn’t too impressed, so I didn’t get any and I obviously didn’t remember its name either. Oops.

We rented a baby car seat and baby V attempted to lick the seat belt area (covered by blue hankie) a few times cos it was right at her mouth level.

Along the way to Miyahara Eye Hospital, we stopped by Hong Rui Zhen Sandwich, as driver uncle was sharing that it’s popular among the locals for its fresh and soft sandwiches, and they have only one store in the whole of Taiwan. Tastes soft and fresh but a tad sweet for me.

20140725_110012 20140725_110157

Before we came, I did some research on what to see/do at Taichung, and Miyahara Eye Hospital (宮原眼科- Gong Yuan Yan Ke) came up in the searches, and it looks too interesting and pretty to miss! With a unique story proposition like being converted from an eye hospital, and turning it into a spanking new snacks boutique with pretty packaging. They are part of Dawn Cakes, the same team who are famous for pineapple cakes and the works. But at the eye hospital, packaging sells. There’s a sit-down restaurant on the second floor, so if you’re planning for a date or high tea, this can be a nice option too. Let the pictures tell you more!

20140725_112459 20140725_112534 20140725_112601 20140725_112625 20140725_112637 20140725_112655 20140725_112708 20140725_112749 20140725_112831 20140725_112852 20140725_112903 20140725_112937 20140725_114604 20140725_114631

We didn’t get to try the ice cream cos the queue was soooo long!? Have seen others raving about the unique flavours, but seriously, with what seemed like 40 pax in the queue – no thanks, man, because queues are off-putting (to me, at least. not very Singaporean, hor? LOL)

Facing the walkway, this area sells tea leaves in various flavours.
Only managed to snap a shot of the toppings area near the payment point. The ice cream flavours area was crowded with people in the queue and it wasn’t convenient for me to squeeze in, with baby Vera nursing in the carrier.

20140725_115019 20140725_115200 20140725_115327

Next stop: Xin She Castle (新社古堡). There’s a Lavender Cottage (薰衣草森林) that some tourists recommended too but my mum isn’t too much a fan of flowers and grass (as she claims), so we skipped that. Along the way to Xin She Castle, we swung by Dong Dong Yu Yuan for yam balls and sweet potato balls that drive uncle was raving about. Seems like there’s only one of this shop too, and apparently popular with the folks in Tai Chung.

Looks like Blackball, right? Haha, it was so filling.


Xin She Castle is at an open space area with a mini man-made waterfall too. But the weather was scorching, so it wasn’t too enjoyable. Fortunately, i remembered to whip out baby V’s sunblock! And then i forgot about myself, had to dig out the sunblock we bought from Watsons’ the day before. So much cheaper to get it in Taiwan, especially since it’s Summer, most sunblocks/sunscreens/anti-UV/BB creams/CC creams and whatnots were on sale! Happy bee!

Baby V’s Mustela sun protection cream was easy to spread and didn’t leave unsightly white patches on her skin. It didn’t really feel sticky too, so that was a good thing! For adults (okay, basically I was the only one who bothered to apply sunblock), Biore Super UV Milk was light on the body’s skin, spreads easily due to its watery nature and seems to turn abit powdery, without a sense of stickiness. On my face, Aqualabel UV Milk bought in Watsons Singapore was watery and spreads with no fuss, but it seemed to give me a tinge of white on my face/pearly effect, so it made me look whiter according to Hub. Maybe application was done hurriedly so I scrambled to spread it out for fear of scaring people. LOL.

For mummy: On my face, Shiseido Aqualabel White Protect UV Milk SPF 30 PA++ and on my body, Biore UV Super UV Milk SPF 48 PA+++, bought in Taiwan for almost half the price in Singapore cos of their summer sale! For baby V: Mustela Bebe/Enfant SPF 50 Very High Protection, bought at Takashimaya. Baby V has eczema so we try to take precaution especially for the affected areas.

So we toured the area in under an hour, took some pictures. The gift store is a miss – items from different parts of the world put there tagged with high prices. The entrance ticket comes with vouchers to offset your purchase (i think it was TWD$100?) but nothing was priced at that value and we couldn’t find anything worth buying so we walked out in 5mins. Along the drive to our next destination, driver uncle mentioned that his 17 year old daughter was holidaying in Singapore for the first time, with her friend. It was her first overseas trip etc etc… so we were casually chatting away. Until later, we understood why…

That hat didn’t stay on her for very long… lol.. Oh and we bought it from Mothercare before our trip. After we returned, we saw it on a 50% discount! Sad.
She loves taking selfies! :D
WOW, for the first time i actually spot a V-face, Vera! :P
The man slave with the diaper bag AND baby! He’s strongggg! What would i be without him? *puss in boots eyes*

20140725_125358 20140725_125825 20140725_132131 20140725_132738

It was nearing noon, so driver uncle said that he will bring us to a place to dine at their popular mushroom eateries. Apparently, that whole stretch of road houses various restaurants that focus on mushrooms. Interesting to know, because many of them have their own mushroomy farms so it’s basically hort (hot, geddit, geddit??) off the soil! Was a tad disappointed with the place he took us to, as it wasn’t like what he had described. We had a steamboat of mushrooms and veggies, stir-fried veggies and meat. Soup-based was herbal but slightly bland. Excuse the lack of pictures here, but i guess you can check out that stretch for many mushroom dining places. My colleague went to an indoor one and she said it was good. Ours was a little rundown, and it was outdoors, and the weather was rather hot, plus steamboat smoke in our faces! Haha what were we thinking?! At this juncture, drive uncle told us that his daughter just rang him, and that she was arriving in Taipei soon but didn’t know how to get home from the Tai Chung airport (?!) and driver uncle needed to pick her from the airport instead. So, he pre-arranged for another driver to send us around. As ours was a 7-seater, we asked him if it’d be the same type of vehicle. Well, after our meal, the other driver came and it was a regular 4-passenger yellow cab! So we squeezed our barang barangs in the boot and ended up like sardines with 3 adults sitting at the back and a baby. Gosh! Oh well, I mean, what can we say or do, right?

Dad entertaining Vera at the mushroom place we dined at.
All ready for round 2!

We spoke with this stand-in driver uncle that we wanted to go shopping elsewhere apart from Feng Jia Night Market, so he brought us to another area for shopping. Can’t recall the name, but it’s those typical night market format. Unfortunately, it started pouring not too long from the start of our shopping. The grounds were wet and shelter was limited. The men (my dad and the hub) went to purchase some brollys so we walked for another half an hour or so while waiting gingerly for the rain to cease. It started to get heavier, so we decided to call for the driver uncle to pick us up, and we headed back to the hotel to clean up as well as bathe baby Vera before making our way to Feng Jia Night Market for our second round of shopping plus tummy fillers!

Barely crossing the road from our hotel to get to Feng JIa Night Market, someone’s eyelids got too heavy and she promptly fell asleep. Poor daddy had to stand while eating.
大肠包小肠 – Taiwan sausage wrapped in glutinous rice…. wasn’t that fantastic, surprisly the queue is never-ending but Hub says it’s because the stall owners took their own sweet time to prepare each other. Oh well!

20140725_194641 20140725_194900 20140725_195548 20140725_195555 20140725_195638 20140725_200923 20140725_213630

Day 3:  Rainbow Village – Cultural Village – King Garden – Paper Dome –  Feeling 18deg Cafe –
Cing Jing (Star Villa)

The day started with breakfast at the hotel again and we were kinda sad as it was pretty much the same food offered. Nonetheless, after a quick breakfast, we hopped onto our 7-seater (our actual driver+car came back! LOL) and started to plan the day with him.

First stop, Rainbow Village (台中彩虹眷村), where we saw loads of coloured walls adorned with illustrations. These murals were done by a 90-year old uncle (彩虹爺爺), who was present at the site for autography too! He beautified the walls in a bid to save the area from redevelopment, and successfully turned it into a talking point as well as a place to visit for tourists and locals alike. There was also a street performer who sang Chinese songs under the scorching Sun. The weather was a killer, seriously but we managed to get some postcards as mementos too.

Was a tad embarrassed to be in this position with baby Vera undercover… but, oh well…
The star of Rainbow Village! Autographs with purchase of memorabilia.

We quickly headed back to the car for aircon while baby Vera was already in dreamland! And got ready to drive to the Cultural Village.


As its name suggests, all things cultural there. Traditional toys and games, exhibits, food stalls, food variety and presentation style etc were in sync. We explored Carton King, one of the places to visit when you’re there, and also because we were told it’s free entry here as opposed to the store at Cing Jing. To be fair, this store was bigger than Cing Jing’s. Lunch was a meal of minced meat noodles (not the same as Bah Chor Mee, okay!) and my legs were getting tired from all the walking. Had to nurse and eat at the same time, which was often done during the trip. Haha, multi-tasking takes on a new level!

She obviously ignored the sign… LOL!
Was tricky trying to get the paper cap to stay on her head.. LOL! This paper hat won’t get wet!
Yup, these are REAL paper bags! Able to withstand weight, water and has functional properties such as inner pockets, zips, velcros to boot! Hub and I couldn’t resist, so we got ourselves one each. Can you guess which bags we bought? :P

20140726_111319 20140726_111423 20140726_111837 20140726_112033 20140726_112124 20140726_112235 20140726_114245 20140726_114324 20140726_114400 20140726_114506 20140726_114957 20140726_115105 20140726_115226 20140726_115243 20140726_115932 20140726_115958 20140726_120245 20140726_120304 20140726_120334 20140726_121752 20140726_121846 20140726_122215 20140726_122606 20140726_123927 20140726_131318 20140726_131442 20140726_131915

After our meal, we popped back into the van feeling full and tired at the same time. We made our way to King Garden ((元首館), where an English-looking establishment with giant chess pieces and a horse carriage greeted us. Several visitors were posing with these props for photo moments, and many others were streaming into the building. With the scorching weather, being indoors was the best bet. Inside, it was akin to stepping into the confectionary section of a department store – displays of snacks such as their local favourites of pineapple cakes and tea were sitting on the shelves. There was even a bakery and that explained the crusty aroma of fresh bakes. The hub couldn’t resist it and we bought some bread to share with the family. Mum’s attention was caught by a lady selling nougats. These came in multiple flavours from sweet to savory, and soft or hard types too. Mum sampled a couple of flavours and ended up buy over a dozen sticks! Baby V was also in a jovial mood, flashing cheeky smiles when I whipped out my mobile :P

20140726_140153 20140726_140204 20140726_142150 20140726_143142 20140726_144002 20140726_144008

After getting some food for my colleagues, we left to make out way to Paper Dome (紙教堂).

Driver uncle recommended this place as it held memories of a major earthquake that destroyed the actual church in Kobe. Shigeru Ban, an internationally known Japanese architect, then came up with an idea to recreate the temporary church using only paper (cardboard tubes). It has since been transported over to Taichung, sitting in a garden-like area which is opened to public, NT$100/pax fee applies which can be used to offset purchases in the small shops/stalls within the area.
Tip: In fact, you can simply spend that NT$100 value like money, without any minimum purchase. We got some cute hair clips for baby Vera and hand-sketched postcards from the local folks there from the shops deeper in the area. Skip the first shop you see, unless you’d like to get a drink.

20140726_145521 20140726_145841 20140726_150100 20140726_150611

By then, it was around early evening, so we started to drive towards Cing Jing, which is estimated to take about 2 hours or so on a direct trip. Before embarking on the route, driver uncle raved about a coffee place that was very popular in Taichung. He asked if we take coffee, and it was a unanimous “yes!” from us. LOL. The best thing was, everyone gets to drink for free! Why is that? Basically, the FREE coffee and tea serve as crowd pullers (or lost leaders in business sense), and the real deal comes from the sale of chocolates and cakes. In fact, Feeling 18deg Café (18巧克力工房) is generous with their cake samples too, so some folks (including us!) “hid” at the bakery to stay in the air-conditioned area cos the evening sun wasn’t very kind. If your skin is thick, you can keep grabbing their cake samples to go along with your free cup of drink. And surprise, surprise! The queue to purchase chocolates was snaking long too! The entire style of the place is clean and pretty Japanese too.

That’s the shop front of the bakery.
The queue for coffee or tea moves fast, luckily.
The crowd at the chocolate area. There are seats inside too for those dining in.

20140726_160002 20140726_160027 20140726_160146 20140726_160245 20140726_160346 20140726_160822 20140726_161040 20140726_161152 20140726_161509

After we finished our drink, we hopped onto the van to proceed with our drive to Cing Jing. Our accommodation for the night was Star Villa at Cing Jing, and the town is known not have any night life. So before we got banished up in the highlands, driver uncle arranged for our dinner near our hotel. Homecooked local fare to fill our tummies, followed up a visit to the nearby 7-11 to stock up on food or drinks we might need. The men got some alcohol and instant noodles. And, off to our mountain home we go!

Baby V: “Gong Gong, I want what you’re having too!”
We fed her some rice with water (which she rejected after a few spoons of it) and eagerly fed herself baby biscuits.

20140726_175232 20140726_175830 20140726_180022My legs started to feel the chilling wind during the dinner. After our meal, we headed to check into Star Villa. Mind you, since it was on high grounds, lots of climbing expected as there weren’t lifts. Parents with babies and young children might want to request for rooms on the first level (ours was on 3rd and superbly big, and parents took the 4th floor) but those rooms might be the smaller ones. You will need to lug PLENTY of things: luggage, stroller, diaper bag – basically, pre-empt your hubby on the impeding workout, alright? Keeps him warm, anyway :P

Someone couldn’t wait to practice crawling on the Super King sized bed!
Toilet was spacious, housing a bath tub, and a standing area for bath beside the toilet bowl.
The huge space towards the balcony and wardrobe. There’s even a round able as well. No need for aircon since it’s cool up here in the highlands.

After checking in and cleaning up baby Vera, we took turns to shower and got ready for a good rest in the uber big bed! Oh, not forgetting to eat some peaches that we bought along the journey up. Taiwan peaches are famed for being juicy and sweet, but they spoil easily so buy what you can eat so food is not wasted. Off to lala land in the cold mountains! :)

We toured Cing JIng the next day, and made an amazing discovery which many do not know of yet! Look out for the next article – Baby V’s First Trip – Taiwan Escapade (Part 2)!

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  1. Hi, came across your blog post and liked the trip details blogged by you. Oh, do you also mind sharing on the contacts of the 7-seater car driver? Will be heading to Taiwan in 2 weeks time with 3 toddlers.
    Thanks much! :)

    1. Hello Alicia, wow 3 toddlers?! No mean feat! Sure, maybe you can drop me an email and I’ll pass his contact details over. Might not be nice to post up publicly. Haha.. cheers and thank you for reading! :)

      1. Hi, would u mind sharing wif me the contact details n the pricing of the driver too if u could still remember. N also noticed that there’s this high chair cover u r using for Vera where did u get it frm?
        Appreciate yo kind advice.

      2. Hello Lynn! Do drop me an email at thehootingpost(at) and I’ll be happy to send u his contact :) The high chair cover was from NewBabySingapore and it comes in different colours too – hope this helps! Have a great day! :)

    1. Haha oh dear, looked like he kena tekan by me right?? LOL!;We took turns to carry either that crazy bag or kangaroo our junior and my shoulders and back were breaking after that :( Trying hard to explain… hahaha

  2. Hi babe, I could not find your email contact. May i trouble you to drop me an email instead for the driver contact and its pricing scheme? Thank you very much! Baby V is fluffy cute!! :D

    By the way, what are the major problems you have encountered when bringing an infant on an overseas trip? Crankiness or meal feed issues? Am quite worried that our itinerary will be super delayed, having us to deal with to the 3 toddlers niece and nephews (all below age of 2) along the way.

    1. Hello Alicia! Sure, I’ll email u his contacts. Have deleted yr email add to avoid bots or phishing :) Am on the plane now for our next trip hehe.. send you a note when I get wifi later :) have a good weekend ahead!! :)

    2. Hello Alicia!

      We’ve just gotten back from Penang, apologies for the delayed email reply! Do check your mailbox and hope you have fun in Taiwan too! Hear from you again :)

  3. Hi,

    Your blog is a great tip for me. Will be travelling with my lo soon to Taiwan. Is it okay for you to share the contacts of the 7-seater car driver and the price? TIA

    1. Hello Del!
      We boiled water in the hotel to sterilize the utensils when we got back at night. It helps that the hotel has an electric kettle. Alternatively, sterilizing tablets can be used as well. They can be purchased at the main baby stuff shops :)

  4. Hi, im planning to bring my 10 mth old to taiwan soon. Thanks for your blog cos it’s our first time travelling with a baby.

    May i ask you for the driver’s contacts and pricing? Is he reliable?

    On average for your itinerary, did you have to rush? What time you left hotel in the morning usually? Im planning for a leisure one but would also like to go as many places as possible.

    Also, does starvilla provide baby cot? Thank you!

    1. Hi Kate, great to know our tips have come in useful for your upcoming trip :)
      Well, the main reasons we didn’t really like about the driver was when he suddenly told us that he had to pick his daughter and had to transfer us to another driver. He mentioned the new ride would fit us comfortably just like what we booked but along came a taxi! Not sure if we should say it was quite a rude shock. To make matters worse, he actually asked my hubs to help him pass some items to his I-don’t-know-who in Singapore! So, we were taken aback at this strange request from… well, pretty much a stranger! That was our experience then, but if you’d still like to have his contact, do drop me a note at, and i’d be happy to send over :)

      As for the itinerary, we left it rather free and easy, and ad-hoc. So we pretty much took our time, leaving the hotel only at 10plus or 11am. Which areas will you be visiting? With your tot, it might be good to take it slow and easy, especially since there will be other stuff to lug around e.g. stroller/carrier, diaper bag etc.

      Star Villa was lovely, not to mention the awesome weather up there! :D We had a super king bed and co-slept and the room was huge, but you might need to ask if they do provide a baby cot. Can’t recall why we didn’t have one in our room – either they didn’t have, or my hubs just decided we should all co-sleep, since we do that at home anyway. And the rest of the cots that we requested for in other hotels ended up as white elephants. Haha!

      Hope this was helpful. Happy planning! :)

      1. Thanks for your reply! I will be visiting mainly Taichung and cingjing for 7 nights. Will not venture out too far because will be our first time overseas. I’ll try and get another driver then… :) I would follow you to stay at beacon hotel, but hopefully can get baby cot in one of the hotels in Cingjing. Thanks again!

    1. Hi Either,

      We got it from the driver whom was hired for the trip. They would usually be able to provide upon request at a fee. They only had front facing though. Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Hooter,
    Think we will be in the same situation as you, We hv 5 of us with my hub and me, my 2 kids and my mum. We are skipping all the Taishung place (quite a pity) and will head CJ Sta Villa immediately after Scoot into TaoY and HSR to TC. After which we are at a lost how to get there (from TC HSR to CJ Star Villa). I was thinking of using a 7 seaters. Heard that the uncle driver you are using is no good? How much he charge actually? Was thinking of going to somewhere along TC before heading to CJ (18 deg / England castle).

    What I think he mentioned his daughter call him (uncle driver) is not true, why out of a sudden during your 2 days his daughter call when his father is working. Anyway idk.

    Do you mind dating his name and contact?


    1. Hello Apple!
      Sounds like a fun holiday coming up for you!
      Well we had the uncle driver for our stay in TC only as the other areas are easily accessible in a way. He was good in suggesting different places to go, I’d say. And yeah! We couldn’t quite figure out why he had to pick his daughter suddenly by citing that she doesn’t know her way from airport to home. Strange that she actually went overseas on her own then. Lol. That was the main less positive part of the service. And weirdly asking us to bring things back to SG to pass to his friend… oh well.

      The trip will be fun! 7 seater makes a more comfortable ride esp with kids and older folks plus the getting on and off bit :) When are you planning to go?

      If you’re still keen to have his contact details, i can email you separately :) Have a great week!

  6. Hi, we are planning to go Taichung too with 2 babies on hand. hahaha
    Could you share your driver contact with me?

  7. hihi! thank you for your interesting post on your trip to Taiwan with you baby! Find it especially helpful cos we will be travelling there with my 8 month old and staying in the same hotel too. but been worried about the long ride there.. 4 hr 30 min plane ride, 20 min shuttle bus, 30 mins HSR and 40 min car ride. was it ok for your baby girl? you know how 8 months old are very kaypoh and cannot sit still now.

    1. Hello Wendy! Thank you for dropping by :)
      Hehe, yup i totally understand your concerns for the seemingly long journey. But no to worry, it was actually pretty do-able! We put her in the stroller/carrier when we’re moving around. Once seated down in the plane, bus, train or car, we put her on our laps and she was pretty happy! Do keep water and snacks with you, as well as your baby’s fave toys. That would be helpful to keep them entertained :P Hope this helps, and do tell us how it goes!

  8. Hi Alicia, your post is really interesting. I’m heading to Taiwan this Oct and would like to get from you the contact of the driver. Also where did you rent the baby car seat? Would like to make sure LO is safely strapped in the car. Thank you so much!

    1. Hello Angie, thank you for dropping by! I hope the message was meant for me, as I’m not Alicia.. Hehe.. The car seat was provided by the driver as we had requested for it. It’s front facing though, as they only had this. Sure, do drop me an email and I’ll be glad to share with you his contact :) Cheers!

      1. Hi Hooter, so sorry for the wrong name! I have just dropped you an email and thanks for your help and advice!!! :)

  9. Hello! Love all your pictures of your little cutie! She’s probably not so little anymore! I will be travelling to Taiwan in Dec from California with my 1 year old. Did you bring your own stroller? What was most helpful during your trip? It will only be my husband and me. Thank you!

    1. Hello Liezi! Thank you for swinging by to read our Taiwan holiday adventures with a baby! Haha you’re right, she’s now an active 3 year old! ;) Time flies! Yes, we brought along the stroller although she’s quite an anti-stroller child. Most of the time she was in the carrier or in our arms. If ure planning a fair bit of walking and exploration, the carrier comes in handy especially at night markets where it’s crowded. The stroller doubled up to hold our shopping bags and diaper bag! :p Hmmm, I’d say staying positive during the trip makes any challenges a better experience. Things may not go completely as planned, but it’s okay. Chill and enjoy the family time, and take loads of photos too! It’s cold in Dec, so do keep warm too! Have fun and look forward to hear about your trip! :)

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